Guide to make the most of the Tagus

People walking along the river tagus with the maar museum in the background

Not always do we enjoy the privilege of having a river so close to a city.

And Tejo is one of these cases, that seems to be placed as a second plan. But starting today, this is going to change! These are some of our suggestions for you to make the most of it:

1 – Boat trips on the Tagus river

There are many boats in Lisbon, but how many can boast on the fact of being a classic 60’s boat? Come aboard the Arimar on this awesome trip!

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 5 pm to 7 pm, you’ll have the opportunity to go for a ride and have fun inside one of the most classic maritime boats, the splendid Trawler Clássico Arimar. You can find this boat at Estação Fluvial Sul/Sueste, next to Praça do Comércio.

boat with people sailing on the Tagus River

2 – Watch the dolphins that have returned to the river

Almost every day, our dolphin friends are strolling through the waters of the Tagus, like we hadn’t seen for a while. If you want to watch them closely, every day boats depart from Porta 3, at Doca de Santo Amaro, in Alcântara, in order to see these friendly animals.

Usually, the trips last three hours, and you’ll have by your side a marine biologist, who will discuss the reason for this type of occurrence, and other curiosities related with the Estuary.

golfinhos no rio tejo com a ponte 25 de abril como fundo
@BMW Sailing Academy

3 – Enjoying a terrace

Any ‘Alfacinha’ (name given to Lisbon inhabitants) worthy of that name likes to be on a terrace. Preferably somewhere with a good vibe and amazing views.

Of course, Tagus river is most of the time the best of the scenarios, so having a terrace with the river as a companion, where you want to spend the entire day, it’s something that you need to do.

If you are looking for the perfect spot for you, probably you’ll find one next to the river.

pessoas numa esplanada em lisboa, junto ao rio tejo
Dolphins in the Tagus River with the 25th of April Bridge in the background

4 – Parque das Nações cable car

This cable car is a gift from Expo ‘98 which remained in the Parque das Nações area and is still an icon to this day.

The trip takes 8 to 12 minutes and the sights are breathtaking!

You can view the Tagus river by boat, bike, running or having a drink, but also from the skies with a stunning bird’s-eye view.

And there’s so much you can do afterwards in Parque das Nações.

cable car at Parque das Nações in Lisbon

5 – Riding a bike or walking by the riverside

This is the closest you can be to the river if you choose to stay on land.

Lisbon’s riverside is very ample and offers a wonderful perspective over the Tagus in straight paths from Cais do Sodré to Belém.

You can be amazed not only by the river but also by several iconic buildings from the city, such as the Belém Tower, MAAT or the Electricity Museum.

woman riding a bicycle by the river tagus
@FPCUB – Federação Portuguesa de Cicloturismo e Utilizadores de Bicicleta

6 - Admiring the Tagus from Cristo Rei

The Cristo Rei Sanctuary, in Almada (the city in the opposite side of the river), is one of the city’s landmarks and stands out by its similarity with Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue on the Corcovado mountain.

Only 10 metres shorter than Rio de Janeiro’s landmark, Lisbon’s Cristo Rei is an unmissable sight arriving in Lisbon by plane or driving by the river.

Here, it’s essential to visit the astonishing viewpoint with 360º views over Lisbon, Almada and, of course, our main character the Tagus river.

Cristo-Rei monument with the 25th of April bridge and the Tagus river in the background

7 - Watch the sunset at Cais do Ginjal

Cais do Ginjal, and the restaurants Atira-te ao Rio and Ponto Final, are some of the most interesting places to visit along the Tagus on the other side of Lisbon.

people on a terrace at the ginjal pier in almada

If you are just passing through Lisbon, you can easily make at least two or three of these plans.

Leave the others for the next time. Surely you’ll enjoy it even more.

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