The best codfish restaurants in Lisbon

Cod dish with potatoes and boiled egg

5 places where the faithful friend is king:

1 – Clube do Bacalhau

This restaurant and cultural association is a well-kept secret in the understated Travessa do Elbow, next to rua do Arsenal, which is known for its cod shops.

At Clube do Bacalhau, our faithful friend is of course the star of the menu. It is prepared as snacks or elaborate meals, sometimes in a more traditional way and sometimes with contemporary touches.

The restaurant's stone walls and striking Pombaline-style arcades combine perfectly with the gorgeous artwork that decorates the space.
Address: Travessa do Cotovelo 12 (Cais do Sodré)

man sitting at the table eating cod fritters and a cocktail

2 – Laurentina – O Rei do Bacalhau

Since 1976, this restaurant on Avenida Conde Valbom, in Avenida Novas has been celebrating all things cod.

The restaurant has passed through two generations of the same family and is famous for serving cod in the most diverse ways – flaked, with cream and spinach, "pataniscas", "à Brás" or with collard greens. Here, the faithful friend really lives up to its name.

Address: Avenida Conde Valbom 71 A (Avenidas Novas)

cod dishes cooked in various ways

3 – A Casa do Bacalhau

Some people go to Beato with the sole purpose of eating in this famous restaurant that specializes in codfish.

With a menu that contains over 25 dishes based on the faithful friend, choosing what to order is never easy!

The place, which once housed the stables of the Palace of the Duke of Lafões, is positively charming.

Address: Rua do Grilo 54 (Beato)

baked cod with potatoes and greens

4 – D’ Bacalhau

Cod "pataniscas", cod soup with poached egg, cod "à Minhota", cod risotto, "açorda de bacalhau" (codfish bread soup) and more.

There's no need to tell you what's good to eat around here, is there?

Situated in Parque das Nações, this restaurant serves cod in 15 delicious ways. Which will you like best?

Address: Rua da Pimenta 45 (Parque das Nações)

baked cod with potatoes and greens

5 – Solar do Bacalhau

Yeah, we know we're getting a little repetitive, but there's no turning back now.

In this restaurant, which is located in the Rossio, cod is also the star of the show.

But here, there are also many other options, such as grilled fish, seafood cataplanas, steaks, skewers and salads.

Address: Rua do Jardim do Regedor 30 (Rossio)

baked cod with potatoes and a glass of white wine

Cod is one of the favorite dishes of the Portuguese. So, when in Portugal, enjoy this delicacy, which can be made in 1001 different ways.

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